7 Free web Apps that are useful for growing your business

Most businesses have found their way online these days and you are no doubt harnessing the Internet in your favour, however, do you have any idea that there are tons of free web apps that you can use to manage and efficiently market your business? With these free web apps, you get to save money on premium subscriptions while saving time and streamlining the amount of work you have to do to keep your business running. Here are a few of them.

Free web apps for your business

Dropbox: this is an online storage device that gives you access to files from any device. You can share these files with as many people as you choose, and a team from any location can use them. This online file storage eliminates the use of physical storage of files and reduces the time spent looking for files in a cabinet. The app uses both a free plan and a paid plan, but you get 2GB of storage space while on just the free plan. This amount of space is enough to contain thousands of documents if you do not work with heavy files.  

ZOHO projects: this tool helps businesses to improve their working environment and makes the completion of tasks easier. It works by allowing you to organize your projects, assign yourself or your team some tasks and also set priority levels on each of these tasks. It is the ultimate business management tool for the beginner, and it comes with a handful of integration options to other software.

Due: this free tool is used for making payments and billing clients. It has a lot of features that come in handy in running a successful small business. It can track projects, staff, and clients to expose areas of productivity and areas that need to improve. This free tool also allows the business owner to create custom invoices in order to receive payments with payment methods like PayPal Integration, eCash and more.

Free Web Apps
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Buffer: this platform is used to manage time and create schedules of posts that you can follow. It can be linked to your social media accounts and allows you to make up to 10 posts on each network at the scheduled time. It also has a browser extension and a mobile app that makes it easy to access and use at any point in time. There are also a URL shortener, image creator, and video or gif uploader.

Mailchimp is an emailing resource that allows you to send up to 12,000 emails in a month to up to 2,000 subscribers for free. It is a powerful tool that saves you the stress of sending emails individually to each subscriber and saves you a lot of money you might spend using a premium alternative service provider. This free resource comes with some features that you would also find very handy such as the sign-up forms, autoresponders, and a statistical report of your emails.

HotJar: this is a page data collector that gives you information on your web page’s activities each day. It shows you heat maps to show where your online visitors are spending most of their time, and it also provides information on the present state of the sales made on your platform. These include prospects, leads, and customers that visit your site.

Logo Creator: this is a free online resource that allows you to make stunning logos and designs that will do well to make your brand stand out. It is simple to use, and it saves you a lot of money that you might use to hire a professional.

These free web apps will make your work as an entrepreneur easier and help grow your business. With the few tools mentioned above, you can get your business moving in the right direction and produce the results you have always wanted.

This blog post was written by: Cristina Hogan

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