Asher Intrater connects the Church to our Jewish Roots bringing alignment

Messianic Jewish author and renowned Bible teacher, Asher Intrater is on a mission to reveal the profound impact of aligning with God’s Word with the Jewish roots of the international church. 

He invites believers to embark on a captivating scriptural journey that will unlock the power of spiritual alignment with their Jewish roots and the truth of God’s Word.

In a world teetering on the precipice of the End-Times, where darkness continues to prevail, it is imperative to remember that there is hope. Asher offers a beacon of optimism and spiritual insight in his newly revised and updated book, ‘Alignment’

The Church, Jewish Roots and alignment

Asher’s book delves into the establishment of the Messianic remnant in Israel, exploring a revival filled with signs and wonders that echo the Book of Acts. You will be transported on an inspirational voyage through the pages of Scripture, as you unlock the secrets of a long-awaited spiritual alignment that will usher in an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and pave the way for the Second Coming of Yeshua.

“Everything starts with God’s heart as a Father and His love for us,” Asher writes. “He wanted to create a family with real children made in His image…That image of God and man together is found in the ‘Anointed One’—the Christos. This is Yeshua.

“Yeshua is aligned with our Heavenly Father. We are not inventing an alignment; we are entering into an alignment that is predetermined,” Asher writes. “All our alignment is based on the pattern of ‘as it is’ with Yeshua. He is the Son in perfect alignment with the Father. Everything else just ‘falls in line.'”

‘Alignment’ will simultaneously inspire and challenge you as God illuminates the path towards His divine order and establishment to bring His glory to earth as it is in Heaven. The book is published by Charisma House and is available online and wherever books are sold. 

About Asher Intrater

Asher Intrater serves as president of Tikkun Global, a family of ministries and congregations dedicated to the dual restoration of Israel and the church. He is the founder of Revive Israel ministries and Ahavat Yeshua congregation in Jerusalem. He and his wife, Betty, share a passion for personal prayer, local discipleship in Hebrew, and the unity of the body of believers worldwide.

Asher was raised in a conservative Jewish home and holds degrees from Harvard University, Baltimore Hebrew College, and Messiah Biblical Institute. He has authored numerous books and publications including ‘Covenant Relationships,’ ‘Who Ate Lunch With Abraham?’, and ‘Heroines.’ For more information, visit

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