Christ for all Nations starts 50th year with mass outreach in Nigeria

In an era where faith seems to waver, Christ for all Nations (CfaN) stands as a beacon of hope and revival. Led by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, who now carries the vision of Reinhard Bonnke for Africa to be saved, CfaN has launched its 50th Anniversary year with major Gospel campaigns across Nigeria. .

Carrying the torch passed on by its late founder, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, Daniel Kolenda remains steadfast in bringing the Gospel to the masses. A series of four Mass Gospel Crusades took place in February, the first of 50 this year, totalling 18 nights of Gospel proclamation and spanning multiple locations in the Aba region, namely Ngwa High, Ogbor Hill, Umiahai, and National High, Aba.

The events drew vast multitudes, with a remarkable influx of new believers—adding significantly to the already 90 million documented decisions for Christ through CfaN over the past five decades.

Inspired by Bonnke’s prophetic rally cry that “from Cape Town to Cairo, Africa shall be saved,” CfaN is on a quest to document 100 million salvation decisions by the end of 2024. The campaigns in Nigeria were a crucial part to this goal, serving as the initial phase of a broader campaign that strives to add 10 million souls to CfaN’s historic count in just this year alone.

Preparations for these spiritually significant events were underway since early 2023, with teams laying the foundation for a “mighty harvest.” The ministry’s unwavering commitment is reflected in its meticulous groundwork and strategic execution, which has turned these gatherings into monumental occasions of faith and transformation.

Following this season of evangelism in Nigeria, plans are already taking shape for the next campaigns of 2024. CfaN has deployed teams to Uganda, preparing for an ambitious series of 11 Mass Crusades set for June and July, furthering their commitment to the “Decade of Double Harvest.”

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About Christ for all Nations

Christ for all Nations (CfaN) is the global evangelistic ministry of Daniel Kolenda. Founded by Reinhard Bonnke in 1974, CfaN conducts large-scale evangelistic campaigns worldwide, focusing on Africa, bringing the Gospel message, and leading people to Christ. The organisation’s mission is to spread the message of salvation, equip local churches, and empower leaders to continue the work of evangelism and discipleship in their communities.

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