Comfort on Mother’s Day for all who can’t see their moms

Do you feel you need some comfort on Mother’s Day because you are far away or estranged from your mom? Or perhaps your mom is newly deceased and you are still coming to terms with the huge vacuum in your life. Even though my mother passed away some years ago, it’s a wonderful opportunity to remember her and all she did for me.

It’s Mother’s Day in most countries of the world on May 8th. Unfortunately, many mothers may not be able to see their adult children for one reason or another. One can imagine all the door-to-door deliveries of flowers, chocolates and gifts that will have to make up for being able to visit in person.

At least we have virtual ways of meeting that will allow some comfort on Mother’s Day, especially for those moms who are shielding or live far away from their children. Yes, even the most technically challenged mums have now learned how to use Zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp etc!

Of course, there will be the inevitable, “Can you hear me?” / “How do I turn the video on!” types of questions, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for our moms, considering all they have done for us.

Comfort on Mother’s Day

Of course Mother’s Day is always difficult for those who have a mum that has passed on. Or for women who cannot have children or mums that have had miscarriages or had to bury their children. So our hearts go out to them, with the same comfort we have received, let us comfort others.

If like me, your mother has gone on to her Heavenly home you may feel upset that you have no one to call. Or you may feel alone, abandoned and tearful. If that is you, may you receive comfort on Mother’s Day by reading my post How to Cope with the Death of a Loved One written after my mother’s death.

She was a wonderful woman who lived such a rich life and when she passed away at 86 she had accomplished so much. So, no matter what thoughts of regret and remorse I may have, I know she wouldn’t want me to think like that for one second. Such is the selfless love of mothers!

So here’s wishing all mothers a very happy Mother’s Day. If your mother lives far away, don’t forget to call and, if like me, your mother is no longer alive, call a mother figure in your life and be a blessing to them.

We thank God for our mothers. Those who have gone on to be with the Lord and those who thankfully are still with us. We appreciate them. They sweeten our lives.


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