God and gender dysphoria – Who does Jesus say you are?

God and Gender Dysphoria is an important topic to consider especially if you’re at war with the way you were born. It’s also something Christians face increasingly with Trans Issues so much in the news. Jesus told us that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. What words does He whisper to the trans person today at the height of their struggle?

Gender dysphoria describes “the unease a person may feel due to a mismatch between their biological sex and their gender identity.” The reality is that anyone experiencing confusion or concerns about their gender is on a tough journey and sadly often subject to rejection or at worst ridicule.

That is not how Christians should respond. All people identifying with one of the letters of the LGBTQI+ acronym should be treated with compassion and understanding rather than judgement and ridicule. We may have our opinions, but it is only God’s opinion that counts. He after all is the Creator. So the only thing that can bring absolute clarity to any issue where there is uncertainty or questioning is hearing from Heaven. That requires prayer.

Of course, we have been given, the Creator’s Handbook (the Bible) which provides clear guidelines. Some of these are reflected in this blog post. Having said that, the thing we need most when it comes to God and Gender is to determine what our Lord says.

What does He say throughout the Scriptures? And what does He declare to each individual experiencing gender dysphoria who He loves dearly? See Embrace your God-given identity – You’re more than your insecurity, unwanted gender or same-sex attraction.

God and gender dysphoria

In today’s world, gender is seen to be fluid or changeable. There are now multiple gender variations from nonbinary to many others and you can choose your pronouns to suit yourself. For skeptics ‘they /them’ pronouns create grammatical uncertainty and it’s hard for everybody to know exactly when to use he or she, so as not to offend. A wider question is whether words like ‘genderqueer’ or ‘gender expansive’ etc are an accurate reflection of who God says a person is?

We mention this not to offend, but to highlight the media’s obsession with what is politically correct without offering the option of divine clarity from God our maker. So much of our God-given identity is grounded in our birth and gender and we need to look to Him to affirm who we are rather than current trends.

Yes, unfortunately, there are rare times when gender isn’t clear at birth because we live in a fallen world. This is when medical specialists need to defer to a person’s genetic makeup, whether they are XX or XY. This is not something that can be changed, no matter what amount of surgical procedure.

Yes, it is possible to transition from one gender to another through surgery. But does that change the way God sees us? If he made us a man, does He still see us as such, likewise if he created us as a woman does He recognise our new identity?

Clearly God has an assignment for our lives and our gender is part of that. In my opinion, we are made in God’s image and He has a plan and a purpose for our lives. He has assigned us a specific gender to help us in our specific assignment and it is not up to us to change it.

We are not the Creator. We are the Creation and therefore we find our identity in who we are created to be, even if we don’t like it or it is not what we want. I think therefore that the Christian perspective on God and gender is for people experiencing dysphoria to find His grace to come to terms with the way He has made them. This takes a huge step of faith but as they trust Him, He will make good on His creation.

God has a much bigger plan for creation than our small part in it, yet we can be part of his instruction to mankind to go forth and multiply. If you were born male, the blueprint for your life is that you will grow up as a son, knowing God as your Good, Good Father. Many such sons will become a husband and perhaps even a father and a grandfather.

Or if you’re born female, you grow from girl to woman and the natural profession is to become a mother and grandmother. Gender dysphoria seems to be a terrible thief that can rob a person of their God-given identity and fruitfulness.

In Genesis, Adam and Eve spoke to God in the Garden there was communication, a clear line of communication. However, because sin entered the world that communication became less clear.
However God still speaks today and He speaks identity.

I would challenge you, if you have any concerns about gender dysphoria, your sexual orientation etc, to find out from God, who you are and who He has called to be. And you can rest assured it will be in keeping with His documented / written word which doesn’t change.

It’s a question of sonship or daughterhood

Our identity is given to us by Creator it’s not something we can choose. It’s something that He has chosen for us for His divine plans and purpose. Therefore, I would say to anybody considering gender reassignment don’t mutilate your body. Submit your life to Him and do life God’s way.

He will give you the grace to accomplish this, especially when you hear Him whispering: “I love you my son”, if you were assigned male at birth; or “I love you. my daughter”, if you were born female. God is not going to call you a son if you weren’t born male and He’s not going to call you a daughter if you weren’t born female.

When God speaks, His voice carries the power to create. He spoke the world into existence. Calling you something other than what He intended would make Him a liar. In Him, only truth is found. This is why Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Hearing from Heaven stops you start arguing with God… When God tells you very clearly, “This is who you are… This is the path you must take… Do not take a detour to the left or to the right…” that ends all speculation or uncertainty. And remember, He always calls us to take the narrow path that leads to life. Don’t be like the others who take the wide path that leads to destruction.

Avoid all the distractions and seductive opportunities the enemy would bring to take you down a crooked path that leads to destruction. Don’t be led astray by well-meaning friends or ungodly people who exploit your insecurities. Rather find your identity in surrender to God and see how His grace is sufficient in all circumstances.

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