Introducing Text With Jesus – new app that helps Christians deepen their faith

Text With Jesus is an innovative new app enabling real-time conversation with Biblical figures to stimulate reflection, deepen understanding of the Scriptures, and encourage meaningful conversations about faith.

Catloaf Software, a leading developer of mobile educational applications has announced the launch of its innovative new app, “Text With Jesus.” The app, a unique blend of advanced technology and faith, offers Christians a new and engaging way to interact with scripture.

“Text With Jesus” uses cutting-edge AI technology, powered by the ChatGPT language model, to bring to life the beloved figures from the Bible. Users can engage in real-time text conversations with characters such as the Holy Family, Apostles, and various prophets from the Old Testament.

Text With Jesus – a new way to explore faith

Text With Jesus takes Biblical interaction to a new level, merging ancient wisdom with modern technology. Users are given the opportunity to delve into thought-provoking dialogues, seek guidance, ask questions, and deepen their faith understanding.

“Our goal was to create an app that gives believers an engaging, interactive method to explore their faith,” says Stéphane Peter, the CEO of Catloaf Software LLC.

“We’re not looking to replace traditional Bible study methods, but rather enhance them by offering a tool that makes the Bible’s narratives more immediate and personal.”

“Text With Jesus” isn’t just for individual study. It serves as a valuable resource for small groups, Sunday School classes, and church sermons, opening avenues for further discussion and reflection.

Available now as a free download for Apple platforms, “Text With Jesus” boasts a clean, user-friendly interface, making it an accessible and appealing tool for all Christians seeking to deepen their understanding of the Bible, inspire meaningful conversations, and gain a more personal connection to their faith.

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About Catloaf Software LLC

Catloaf Software LLC is a seasoned developer of mobile educational applications. With a mission to create apps that engage, educate, and inspire, Catloaf Software uses cutting-edge technology to transform everyday learning experiences into interactive journeys of discovery.

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