Introducing the best cure for anxiety

Each of us has our own unique triggers that cause us to feel anxious. There are many helpful remedies but what could be the most powerful cure for anxiety?

In today’s uncertain world it’s not surprising that so many people are searching for a cure for anxiety. It’s really tough to cope when you feel completely overwhelmed. This could be the result of any number of reasons, including having to face very difficult circumstances or the stress of too many things happening at once. Each of us has our own unique triggers that cause us to feel anxious, and in the worst cases, result in a panic attack.

The UK National Health Service (NHS) offers medical advice for anyone dealing with anxiety, fear or panic and in some cases, medication is needed. However, taking pills to calm down can’t be the best cure for anxiety in the long term. This is why the NHS also recommends counselling. A combination of both may be necessary, but in my opinion, the best cure for anxiety is spiritual. I also think it may be the most neglected.

The Bible is full of messages of encouragement to people facing anxiety, fear or panic, including the words ‘fear not’ which appear 365 times. That means there is a fear not scripture for every day of the year! I don’t think that is a coincidence do you? God really wants to make it clear to us that we must not despair. Each person in this world is has a body, soul and spirit and we need to take care of all three.

Returning to the Bible, the Apostle Paul, writing to the Romans, offers a greeting that could be life-changing to you if you meditate on its words. He says, “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” This may sound simple enough but actually, it is a powerful spiritual blessing that is available to all who would receive it.

I love how the Amplified Bible translates this verse. “Grace to you and peace [inner calm and spiritual well-being] from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.” To me, this is the most promising cure for anxiety ever. It is a prayer for inner calm and spiritual well-being and there is no way you can be anxious when that prayer is answered.

Inner calm is the ongoing cure for anxiety

Overcoming that feeling of being overwhelmed, stressed or anxious is not something that happens overnight. Yes, God can heal mental health issues instantly. Nothing is impossible for Him. However, in most situations, it will take time and will involve a healing process. The key to spiritual well-being is firstly to have a relationship with God, through His son Jesus, our Saviour. This is how we fill the God-shaped vacuum within. Then, as we learn to trust Him more and more each day, we start to have that inner calm, or ‘peace that passes understanding’ that the Bible so beautifully describes. May you know God’s grace and peace in abundance.


Wordsmith, overcomer and exhorter. Al has a degree in Journalism and Media Studies and years of communications experience in Africa, the UK, Israel and USA. He left South Africa in 2001 and worked for GOD TV in England for 18 years. He now heads up Countdown Creative, a content creation business in Exeter. Al is the author of three biographies. Blogs he writes for include; International Christian and UK and US Christian.

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