New hope for Twitter? Can Elon Musk turn things around? Not if it remains a cesspool of porn

Much has been written about Twexit, the mass exodus of followers from the micro-blogging social media platform with many having lost hope for Twitter to recover. However, Elon Musk’s purchase of the company could be transformational. Hopefully, it will be, and for more than just reviving freedom of speech…

Over the past two years many people have left Twitter, some by choice, others by force. There are those who have let their accounts go dormant because of increasing censorship, while others have been suspended. Perhaps the most famous of these is the 45th President of the United States, which is strange seeing he was most probably the platform’s biggest fan and most prolific tweeter.

With some 90 million followers Donald Trump had one of the largest accounts and the mass media would often quote his tweets. This certainly put Twitter at the forefront of the day’s news. This certainly put Twitter at the forefront of the day’s news. But this post is not about Trump or whether or not Twitter will ever reinstate him. He has already said he will stick to his own platform, Truth Social. (currently only available in the USA).

Hope for Twitter turnaround

New hope for Twitter

This post is written with the hope that the new Musk-led Twitter will be a much better place than it is now. Elon Musk has already spoken about the importance of freedom of speech in a democracy and how Twitter needs to be more like the town square. Less censorship of people’s opinions would be helpful, but for many Christians, there are even more important concerns over Twitter’s current liberal policies on porn.

Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc, Twitter gives pornography free-range, catering to every type of perversion through a proliferation of unmentionable hashtags. It may not be talked about much, but as porn strugglers have confided, Twitter is to be avoided at all costs. Yes, like Google and other search engines, there are ‘safe modes’ but Twitter seems to have a way of bypassing these.

You may ask how we can have freedom of speech, without freedom of expression? Which includes explicit language and content? Removing porn would require increased censorship and moderation, not less. This is a valid point. However, we can have freedom of speech without pornography. The other social platforms achieve this fairly successfully and Twitter could as well.

There is hope for Twitter, but not if it remains a cesspool of porno tweets. Hopefully, Elon Musk and the future Twitter team will consider excluding porn on their site. While Twitter porn is still so prevalent, many will continue to stay away and Twexit will remain.

Those who have switched to Parler, Gettr and Truth Social may start to tweet as well, and it’s possible Trump will also have a Twitter comeback especially if he runs in 2024… but as for any porn addict serious about recovery, they will definitely need to stay well away.

Elon Musk secured Twitter by pandering to the greed of shareholders. £44 billion was an offer that could not be refused. The reason why porn is so prevalent is also due to greed. Lust is insatiable, but there is freedom in Jesus Christ. See: How do you fill your God-shaped vacuum?

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