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Each Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on who you are, how loved you feel and how much you love that special person in your life. This is especially important this Valentine’s Day, as we continue to face Omnicron, and it may not be possible to do some of the usual things associated with the most romantic day of the year. Let’s face it, it’s impossible to kiss anyone with a mask on and yet many are still wearing them. Perhaps Valentine’s Day cards will be more popular this year than ever as they can at least be sent!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day may cause singles to feel alone and isolated. Whatever your circumstances, know that you are deeply loved by God, who is the source of love and you are highly valued in His eyes.

Reflections on Valentine’s Day and your true value

Valentine's Day

On 14 February, the day the world celebrates love and romance, it’s an opportunity for singles to reveal their secret infatuations and couples to reaffirm their passionate commitment to each other. However this Valentine’s Day, also take time out to consider your own value as this affects all your relationships with other people.

Self-help gurus will tell you that “you must first love yourself”. That this will give you the confidence to develop healthy relationships with others. Yet we know the expression, “He loves himself” is more of an insult to a guy than an affirmation. The same goes for a woman. “She loves herself” is not a compliment. So how does one strike a balance?

Perhaps it is more about knowing your true worth. I once saw a pastor share a brilliant example of this. He took a shiny new £10 note and crumpled it up, then stood on it with dirty shoes. “Now what’s it worth?” he asked.

No matter how crinkled or dirty the note became, it did not lose it’s value. In the same way, neither do we. Just because we have been hurt or abused or we have delved into some filth does not change our true worth.

We never lose our value

God loves us passionately. We are valuable in His sight. He loved the world so much that He sent His son, Jesus so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. Because of God’s great love for us we never lose our value.

I also read the anonymous story of a father who gave his daughter a car to teach her the importance of discovering her true value. Firstly he sent her to a used car dealer for an evaluation They were only prepared to pay $1000 as the car looked ‘worn out’.

He then told her to find out out what a pawn shop would offer. They would only give her $100 as the vehicle was ‘very old’. The father then suggested she try a vintage car club. There she was offered a staggering $100,000! This was because the car was actually an iconic model sought out by collectors.

The punchline: “The right place values you the right way. If you are not valued, do not be angry, it means you are in the wrong place. Those who know your value are those who appreciate you. Never stay in a place where no one sees your value.”

Do things God’s way this Valentine’s Day

If you see yourself as valuable you won’t settle for second-best. You won’t go out with just anybody or compromise your faith and become unequally yoked. You will know the importance of marriage and doing things God’s way. Furthermore, you won’t allow yourself to be in an abusive relationship where you continue to be hurt emotionally or physically.

Also, as you understand your self-worth you will also be more inclined to see the treasure in others. We know that people focus on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart. We mustn’t put others on pedestals, rather we must endeavour to see them through God’s eyes and this includes ourselves. This means having a level of spiritual discernment that is fine-tuned through a growing relationship with God. It also requires knowing who we are in God and confessing His promises over our lives.

The important thing in finding love this Valentine’s Day and any other day is knowing the true source of love. By giving Him your heart and following His leading in all your decisions, including your choice of life partner, you will find the greatest fulfillment. He is the one who pours out His love in our hearts and gives us the ability to love others.

Knowing that we are loved by God gives us the confidence to reach higher, stretch further and become all God has called us to be. Share God’s love this Valentine’s Day with all you can. Value yourself and your life partner, and let your union be strengthened by facing life’s challenges together.

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