Midnight whispers from the Father for those who struggle with temptation

If you struggle with temptation, you’re not alone, even when you can’t sleep. Imagine tossing and turning, because you are conflicted inside. Then God, our Father, gently reassures you with these words… lulling you back to sleep and into a deep rest in Him.

You’re still here My child, as are many of my children who struggle with temptation.  I’m so pleased you have continued to walk with me these years. You’ve had so many opportunities to walk away completely… to take a twisted turn, and yet here you are.

I have seen your struggle with temptation. I’ve felt your pain. Well done for sticking with Me even when your heart has sometimes longed for other things. I do not take it lightly that you haven’t given up. I know how much you thought you enjoyed that lifestyle and yet you turned your back on it for My sake

So, when I see you mess up, wandering back into your old ways, I know how helpless and shameful you feel. You know going back there is not for you. You have a higher call that’s why you are still here. You just know deep within the truth that sets you free. The truth that doesn’t change with the times.

You worry so much about serving other gods. Yes, it’s true you become like who you worship. But that is not heartfelt worship. That I know you reserve for Me alone. Yes, there are those who have turned from the Creator to worship the creation, but that is not you.

Your falls are temporary setbacks. Succumbing to your struggle with temptation hampers your journey but doesn’t stop it. Just pick yourself up again, exactly where you left off.  The important thing is that you are still here.

Like Peter, you may have denied Me. Perhaps even more than three times. The enemy has come to sift you, but I have prayed that you will stay your ground. Remember My mercy is never ending and I expect My Children to forgive 70 x 7. That includes forgiving yourself.

I know you can’t stay away for long. You have a deep knowledge of the truth that you cannot deny. You know you are Mine and nothing can keep you from Me. Not even your latest silly slip-up

Just think what you have gained My child, mostly the freedom you now have through the Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t dwell on the sin or the sinner – look to the Saviour. Don’t fixate on the curse, focus on the blessing. Run back quicker next time.

struggle with temptation

You know that the counterfeit can never truly satisfy. Rather embrace the real thing the way I created it to be. Within my boundaries for the protection of all. That is natural and fulfilling. So put aside the unnatural that ends up so unfulfilling.  

I will not let you go. You are mine forever, don’t be waylaid with these temporary detours that cause you such stress and anxiety. Be your faithful, loyal self. But even if you fall again, know that I am here to pick you up.

I know you think you will never stop falling, but don’t listen to that lie. Each time you resist you get stronger. You are becoming more and more like Me. So be sure to stay in My perfect will which brings such peace.

Rest My Child, no longer struggle with temptation

You will be steadfast, no longer tossed around, but single-minded and resolute. That’s when you walk in the fullness of My blessing so don’t let your doublemindedness keep you on the fringe. You have chosen a different life that leads to abundance. Don’t long for your old life which is a trail of death and devastation.

Yes, many who you know are still trapped there, but you are not yet ready to rescue them. You are wise to stay away, lest they cause you to fall back into your old ways. One day you will rise above this, knowing the power of the highest form of love. The GOD kind of love that can rescue and restore one and all.

Keep growing. Keep renewing your mind with My Word and stay well away from that Shroud of Shame.  I’m so glad you are still here.  The time will come when you must stand your ground. When I send you back to testify. Then, it will be an authentic reality – no longer a hoped-for possibility.

I long to see that day. When you are truly free. No longer striving just simply resting in Me. I have given you the power to pull down strongholds. In Me, your weakness is turned to strength.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

You are still here My child. It’s been quite a while. Oh, wow, look at the precious souls you have brought! I knew this would be the end result. Freedom not only for yourself but for others too. I am so glad you are here My children.

So glad none of you gave up, for you are becoming just like Me. And you have found there’s no going back. Despite the failures behind you, you have joy and peace in the now and hope and faith for your eternal future.

Consider all you have learned. You knew it would be worthwhile in the end. So never give up My children.  Not now, not ever, for nothing separates you from My love. You are here, My Children and always will be.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Now rest My child. Know My shalom as you sleep. For I never sleep, I watch over you constantly. And wake refreshed, for you have much to do to make up for lost time. Wake up to make the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Forgetting the former things, press on towards the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

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