Never Again is Now… Never again is standing with the Jewish People

Never Again is Now

“Never Again is Now!” This is a statement you can read on a number of Jewish Facebook pages. Al Gibson feels this puts everything in perspective after the barbaric attacks on innocent Jewish lives on 7.10.23. May you be encouraged by his article below.

One can feel quite overwhelmed by the scale of the atrocities we read about in the news media. Acts that are so horrific I am not even going to mention them in this article. If you are reading this, then you will most probably have seen the horrific headlines. Worse still, these evil acts are being boasted about and celebrated by the perpetrators and their supporters. This takes the world to a level of primitive barbarism one would never expect to see in the modern age.

Some have described this past week as “the most horrific for the Jewish People since the Holocaust”. I have read reports saying that the last time so many Jews were killed was in World War 2. Many are calling this Israel’s 9/11. The words ‘butchery’ and ‘barbarism’ seem to be used a lot.

Do you feel overwhelmed by this massive escalation of violence in the Middle East? Are you praying for the situation? I hope you are challenged by the words, ‘Never again is now.’ We all need to take responsibility wherever we possibly can to stand against anti-Semitism in all its ugly forms.

Nobody wants to see the horrors of the Holocaust repeated, hence the term, “Never again”. Yet it is starting to happen once more and Israel has to act decisively now to put an end to what is being called the Hamas death cult. Read Pierre Poilievre’s speech which provides an incredibly insightful perspective on the 7/10 barbaric attack by Hamas on innocent Jewish lives. This is the most authoritative and accurate overview of the situation I have seen, hence we transcribed his speech in full.

Furthermore, the Israel-Palestine conflict is so volatile it has the power to light fires in different communities across the nations as we have seen with many outbreaks of anti-Semitic violence. Let us be peacemakers wherever we can in our sphere of influence.

Never again is now, means supporting Israel

The Jewish People are the most persecuted race in all of history. They have faced pogroms throughout the centuries and extermination by the Nazis, yet they have survived over thousands of years. God has preserved their faith, their Hebrew language and brought them back to the ancient land He gave them.

No other nation on earth has a Promised Land, as the Jewish People do. And yet there have always been those who want to see Israel destroyed. This very clearly shows there is much more going on here than a conflict between two people groups. It is a fight between good and evil.

I am not saying that the Israelis are good and the Palestinian People are evil or that either should be mistreated. I am simply observing that there are spiritual forces at work to “kill, steal and destroy”. That is the nature of our spiritual enemy.

As a Christian, I believe Jesus is the Prince of Peace and in Him there is hope for forgiveness, reconciliation and forgiveness. Where Jews and Muslims come into the knowledge of salvation in Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah, their religious warring comes to an end. Sadly very few have seen the light and most continue to walk in darkness.

It grieves me to think that Jericho, once the symbol of the Israelites’ victory in securing the Promised Land is no longer in Jewish hands. Who knows what God may do in this present situation to bring walls down… Never again is now.

The Israel-Palestine conflict is complex. However, consider the vast swathes of Arab land surrounding tiny Israel. The Arab nations could easily have resettled Palestinian refugees and yet they refuse to do so. Again this is more than just a physical fight. Ultimately it is a test of God’s Word. Did He give Israel to the Jewish People or not?

We know the answer to that question. That is why we must say, “never again is now.” Let us pray and intercede faithfully for the Peace of Jerusalem as instructed to do so in Scripture. Let us speak up for Israel today wherever we possibly can right now and share the Good News of Jesus to all people.

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Israel, God’s Timepiece

We Stand With Israel

"Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed." This is God's call to us all to support the Jewish People.

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