Rory Alec launches new Spirit, Soul & Body Podcast

Global Christian media visionary, Rory Alec is back with a new bi-weekly podcast, Spirit, Soul & Body which he aims to upload on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In the first episode entitled, ‘Rory Alec is Alive’ he shares the reasons behind his break from the cameras for a year and a half, and his plans for the future.

Rory is the co-founder of GOD TV, where he hosted many different series and LIVE broadcasts over a period of nearly 20 years. Originally from South Africa, he has lived in the UK, USA, and now resides in Austria with his wife Carolla. In addition to the Spirit, Soul & Body podcast Rory still has the vision to launch Good Morning World breakfast television.

“In this new bi-weekly Podcast I will share Spirit Soul and Body – the thoughts, heart and journey of someone who made hard decisions, given up everything, and started again from ground zero,” Rory says. The podcast will also feature guests.

Rory Alec, host of the new Spirit, Soul and Body Podcast

Why Spirit, Soul and Body?

“The Spirit, Soul & Body podcast is where we will concentrate on you and I as spirit beings, living in a body and having a soul. (Our imagination, emotions, intellect),” Rory says in the first episode of Spirit, Soul & Body Podcast which you can watch on his Youtube Channel. “I’d love to have you join me on this journey and see where it goes as we learn together.”

Rory explains that his hope for the podcast is that listeners/ viewers will be truly blessed, Spirit, Soul, Body. “No matter what you’re going through today, reach out to Him,” he challenges. “We can only do a certain amount in our own strength. I don’t believe you and I can ever reach our full potential without having our Heavenly Creator involved in our lives. So, I will be talking unashamedly about my Saviour, Lord, and King, who I am continually pursuing and more importantly He’s pursuing me. I am so grateful to him and the way He has touched my life.

Our calling is to know God and how that affects our whole being, spirit, soul and body. It doesn’t matter what our task is, we have to keep our eyes on our calling and our relationship with him. If we do that we can survive all circumstances and He can move supernaturally in our lives. If you and I are faithful in our callings, and we’re obedient to the tasks He gives us, He will give us the anointing to function and operate with total success.”

Rory Alec shares some of his personal journey

Speaking about his time at GOD TV Rory said, “The Lord allowed me to go on an incredible journey from a kitchen table to a position where I was leading a group of 220 people to build the UK and Europe’s first daily Christian television network, that grew into multiple 24-hour channels going around the world with 12 offices internationally.

“That really was a privilege, but then the grace lifted and I made some very difficult personal decisions including getting divorced. That shocked many people, but rest assured, my love for my Creator has always remained unchanged. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and I have laid everything before Him completely in a pure repentance of heart and in seeking Him in terms of where I’m going.

“If you’ve gone through a divorce, you will know it’s a massive shake-up in your life, even if it was your choice. The first thing the Lord had to deal with in me was a hard heart. That’s been an interesting process over the last several years and I just thank God that I am now married to a wonderful woman.

“It’s important for husbands and wives that keep their hearts tender before the Lord and toward each other. However, if you’ve just gone through a divorce and are entering into a new relationship, make sure that you walk with God to enable Him to work in your heart. We have to learn from our past experiences and make sure by His grace we don’t make the same mistakes.”

Watch the first episode of Spirit, Soul & Body Podcast, and follow Rory Alec on Facebook and Twitter.

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