TD Jakes scandal, a massive wake-up call for the Church

Sadly, tongues are wagging worldwide concerning what is trending on social media as the ‘TD Jakes scandal’. What should Christians make of this? And how should we respond?

Various accusations have emerged on social media claiming that the ever-popular Bishop is a sexual predator. Apparently, there is video evidence to support this, which is still to be made public. The supposed spiritual giant has denied any wrongdoing in his Christmas Day message (see clip below) so why would the Christian media even cover this story?

TD Jakes Scandal 1

Why would we give fuel to the fire to those who hate Christianity and everything we stand for? The allegations are completely out of character concerning a man who has inspired so many people over many years. This includes countless women who have been set free of past damage through his ‘Woman Thou Art Loosed’ books and events. Yet, it seems all the while, the long-married Bishop has been more into men than women, if the claims are true.

In this day and age, the gender of sexual partners matters not to the world, although Bible-believing Christians still hold to the truth that homosexuality is a sin. Of course, we shouldn’t be homophobic and treat same-sex relationships as a worse sin to heterosexual relations outside of marriage. However we do need to uphold the truth of the Bible. And, when minors are involved or have been involved then the sin becomes statutory rape/pedophilia which is very serious indeed.

It is important to note that Bishop Jakes has denined any wrongdoing…

However, if these allegations prove to have substance then the resultant scandal will have massive ramifications. The Bishop heads up The Potter’s House megachurch as well as diverse business and media companies. Not to forget his books, TV series and large-scale events. A TD Jakes scandal would leave many believers disillusioned, devastated and even devoid of faith.

In times like these, we as believers are told that we should put our faith in God who never fails us rather than in men, even men of God. It’s awful when our idols fall, which is why we should never put people on pedestals as we are prone to do in megachurches. While exposing other believers is the last thing the Christian media should wish to do, we do have a responsibility to try and address the fallout in a way that seeks truth and brings hope.

TD Jakes scandal – the allegations

According to various sources on social media, questions have been raised about Bishop TD Jake’s friendship with Sean Combs, a rapper aka Puff Diddy, P Diddy or Diddy. According to Wikipedia, Sean had a 11-year relationship with Cassie Ventura which ended in 2018, however, she is currently suing him for rape and repeated physical abuse.

It seems Cassie has turned over evidence in her defence and TD Jakes has been caught in the crossfire. The allegations are that the Bishop attended Diddy’s sex parties, but more than this, that a young man who was a member of the Potter’s House is bringing a case against his former pastor for sexual abuse that took place when he was a minor.

While we don’t know if the allegations against TD Jakes are true, they remain a huge cause of concern for Christians across the nations and are a massive wake-up call for the Church. Our standard as believers is purity and holy living.

“But fornication and all uncleanness or covetousness, let it not even be named among you, as is fitting for saints; neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor coarse jesting, which are not fitting, but rather giving of thanks.” (Ephesians 5:3-4)

Furthermore, there have been prophetic revelations of a coming TD Jakes Scandal from Celestial of The Master’s Voice Prophecy Blog. Who knows whether she is a legitimate prophet, only time will tell, however, she is said to have forewarned of the woes of the Potter’s House at least a year ago.

TD Jakes Scandal 2

Of course, Bishop Jakes must be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. However such accusations shouldn’t even be raised amongst believers. Every Christian has a moral responsibility to walk uprightly and not be tainted by sexual immorality, heterosexual or otherwise

With regard to homosexuality, this is a struggle many people including Christians battle against every day. Furthermore, it exists under a dark cloak of deception, lies and secrecy adding to the sexual sin.

Of course, there is a difference between trying to overcome a particular sexual orientation and actually acting out in sexually inappropriate ways. Whatever the situation there is hope in Jesus. Sin can be forgiven and freedom for the captives is possible.

However, this requires repentance and realignment. Moving away from what has held you captive and moving towards purity. Moving away from the world’s acceptance of all types of love to accepting the Biblical standard for love that comes with God’s protection.

We pray for Bishop TD Jakes that he would be able to clear his name should he be innocent. Should that not be the case, we pray for repentance, restoration and restitution. We pray for all parties involved, his wife, family as well as the healing of any persons who have been hurt.

We pray for the truth to prevail, for darkness to be exposed, for the light to shine in so that the darkness can be overcome. We pray that every evil spirit will be brought down low and full and complete deliverance will come in the name of Jesus.

We thank God for the many truths we have learnt from Bishop Jakes. We separate those from any behaviour that is not God-honouring and we keep building on that truth in our quest to serve God, and not man, with all our mind, body and spirit.

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