We continue to cry out for God’s Mercy on the People of Afghanistan

It has been heartbreaking to see so many people of Afghanistan literally fleeing for their lives and hear reports of how our Christian brothers and sisters are bravely facing the prospect of martyrdom. Much has been written about the politics behind the US withdrawal and the shocking way in which the Taliban has taken back control of the country after 20 years. What has taken place will continue to be debated, however, the people of Afghanistan need our urgent intercession right now. Christians around the world have been praying passionately for this nation and we must continue to lift up their plight before our Father in Heaven.

It has been said that Afghanistan has the second-fastest church in the world however this now hangs in the balance as the Taliban are reported to be seeking those who have a Bible app on their phone. There are those who say this is a new generation of Taliban that can be trusted however, we are yet to see if they will uphold basic human rights. Some End Time experts see America’s departure as a realignment of Islamic power in conjunction with Russia and China. Others say that this has cleared the way for a resurgence of Al Qaeda, 20 years after 9/11. Nobody knows exactly what is going on in the country but we can cry out to the Lord to have mercy on the People of Afghanistan.

Our prayer for the People of Afghanistan

Father, we come you in the mighty name of Jesus and we lift up the people of Afghanistan before Your throne of Grace. We ask for Your unfailing love, grace and mercy to flow across this nation. You see the desperate scenes of those who fear for their lives. You hear the cries of those who are distraught. We pray for Your Peace to come to this nation.

Pour out your Shalom on the People of Afghanistan. May they see Your Light and turn to you. We pray for many supernatural, Damascus Road experiences where the persecutors will hear clearly from Heaven, like the Apostle Paul, and become protectors of the faith. Lord, You said you will build. your Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail. Build Your Church in Afghanistan Lord. We pray for protection of our brothers and sisters facing death. We ask you to fill them to overflowing with the Holy Spirit and sustain them in every way. For you are our refuge and our strength, especially in times of turmoil. Pour out your love on this nation in Jesus Name, Amen.

Pray for an ingathering of Afghans into the Kingdom

Sean Feucht is just one of many Christian leaders who have been offering up passionate prayers for the people of Afghanistan. In the Facebook post below he shares five helpful pointers on how to pray effectively for the people of Afghanistan.

“So few Christian leaders are speaking out while so many believers simply do not know how to respond,” he says. “Our first and most powerful response is not to criticize —BUT TO PRAY!”

Also, in a later Zoom clip, Sean introduces Dan Bowman, who lived among the Taliban for five years and has seen God penetrate the hardest of hearts. You will be inspired as you watch and join in this prayer session. Let’s stand in agreement together for this nation. Despite all the desperate news reports, we must continue to put our faith in God and trust in His mercy. As Sean says, “There is so much hope for the Gospel right now!”

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