When things don’t go according to plan, trust God more

It is natural for people to make plans but what do we do when things don’t go according to plan? Some of us desire to know every step of our lives. Planning does provide us a clearer path to where we want to go, helping us to define and achieve our goals.

Having plans helps us to stay focused and face each day with confidence and hope, believing that one day we will get to taste the fruit of our work. But what if things don’t go as planned? What if things don’t go your way, and what if your plan is not the plan of God for your life?

things don’t go according to plan

One of the hard things in life is accepting that life sometimes doesn’t always work out as we want, and things don’t always go according to plan. However, when that time comes, choose to see things how God sees them and believe that in His loving nature, He will always want what’s best for you.

You may not see it today, but soon you will understand why things have happened in the way they did. Don’t fret, don’t get easily discouraged, but instead trust God more. Especially in this time of global pandemic. Here are 2 important things to do in the middle of a crisis

God loves to give each of us a bright future, a hope, a life in its fullness. You just have to trust Him and surrender your life daily to Him. Always choose the path that God wants you to take and it will never lead you astray.

We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)

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Joyca Lorriene

Joyca Lorriene is a writer based in the Philippines.

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