The Twitter Files –  Weighing up the Truth in the face of many lies

Over the past several weeks ‘the Twitter Files’ have been trending, as the new owner of the microblogging site, Elon Musk has gone out of his way to set the record straight on a number of issues. However, what will be done, if anything from the massive exposé. So much incriminatory information has come to light, it’s hard to think that it will all amount to nothing…

 Yet the Bible promises us that the truth will come out. “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free,” (John 8:32)

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The Twitter Files have revealed what we knew all along. That Twitter and other big tech platforms worked with US government agencies like the FBI and a variety of other players to curtail freedom of speech, especially around the US Election of 2020.

How did we know this? It started with a plethora of ‘Fact check’ warnings on any posts critical of the official Covid-19 response to the pandemic. All of a sudden freedom of speech seemed to have disappeared and you had to be extremely cautious about what you were posting. Some influencers started to get shadow banned and then ultimately banned. It wasn’t any one thing, but collectively it pointed to an orchestrated restriction of free speech across all platforms.

Then came the Hunter Biden laptop story that Twitter tried to kill by suspending the account of the New York Post. Big tech knew this story had the power to alter the course of an election and they acted swiftly and deliberately to withhold it at all costs.

Then, of course, as we all know, they even had the gall to ban a sitting President of the United States. This is not about what you or I think of Donald Trump or his policies. At the time over 70 million people had voted for him and yet he was silenced, in effect shutting up half of the American population.

This is not an article to defend any politician, but it soon became clear how forces at work behind the scenes would stop at nothing to ensure US President 45 was ousted from office. He did not go along with their plans, instead, he posed a very real threat in exposing their lust for power and intense greed. How long would it have taken him to get to the bottom of “10 percent for the Big Guy?”

Ironically it was this greed that would be the catalyst for much of this information coming into the open with the publishing of the highly enlightening Twitter Files. When Elon Musk offered the left-wing platform $44 billion it was an offer they simply couldn’t refuse. They were motivated by greed, which possibly made them turn a blind eye to the repercussions they now have to face.

The Twitter files have now exposed one shenanigan after another. It’s all coming out to embarrass the FBI, CIA, Biden Administration etc. The evidence is clear how they colluded to shadow-ban people, engage in far-reaching visibility filtering measures to stop free speech. Furthermore, they attempted to stop any discussion of election interference, despite the fact they were engaging in this themselves.

Remember all the flagged posts where Twitter put their spin on what they termed ‘misleading information’. Remember how they tried to dispel any legitimate questions about even the possibility of election interference…. Instead, they insisted the US election was the safest in history. Yet we now know that former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey lied under oath to the US Senate. This clearly sets a precedent for all the other lies and misinformation published by Twitter under Dorsey and later Parag.

It’s not surprising then that #thankselon is often trending as many banned accounts are restored. Musk regards himself as ‘a free-speech absolutist’ and sees the Twitter Files as a way of redeeming the reputation of the company he bought and supposedly reorientating Twitter for good.

Sadly Twitter still remains a cesspit of pornography. Some say it is the biggest porn search engine on the Internet using hashtags to deliver every form of perversion known or unknown to mankind. It’s all very well for Elon Musk to be a champion of free speech, but not at the expense of increasing moral decline. Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms do not allow pornography, which is admirable.

Having said that, kudos to Elon Musk for making Twitter more democratic, for his polls to show support for decisions like restoring Donald Trump and others to the platform. “I’m fine with Trump not tweeting,’ he wrote. “The important thing is that Twitter correct a grave mistake in banning his account, despite no violation of the law or terms of service. Deplatforming a sitting President undermined public trust in Twitter for half of America.”

What will the Twitter Files achieve?

Could the Twitter files have the power to lead to the impeachment of Joe Biden? Unlikely with a Democratic Senate majority, but not within the bounds of impossibility. GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy has promised to investigate the information the Twitter Files have revealed, now that the Republicans control the House.

These are just a few social posts out of thousands in response to the Twitter Files. They certainly make one think. Not everything we relied on social media to tell us over the past few years has been even close to the truth. Nikki Haley, former US Ambassador to the United Nations, sums things up perfectly…

“The left weaponized Big Tech to silence anyone who threatened their power—shaming and canceling views they didn’t like. We need to know what else went wrong w/ shadowbanning, boosting, follower counts, and verification. Glad to see Elon pulling the curtain back. #LetTheSunshineIn

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15)

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