‘Dearly beloved, you are not forgotten’ – it’s the heartfelt cry of Jesus for each of us


‘The Journal of the Unknown Prophet’ is a revelation of Jesus Christ and His cry for deeper intimacy with everyone on earth.

There is a cry that would ring out from Jesus Christ of Nazareth… as He who walks even today through the streets… His cheeks wet with tears for a lost and fatherless generation, neither cognizant of His presence nor caring…

Beloved you are of exceeding more value than rubies to Him… for the Master Himself would whisper to your heart, ‘Dearly beloved – you are not forgotten’…

These beautiful words are the central theme of a prophetic revelation of Jesus Christ written by best-selling British author and broadcaster, Wendy Alec who has a sensitivity to all who are struggling, tired or weary. In her book The Journal of the Unknown Prophet she captures messages from God to ‘those who are in a desert place’, ‘those who feel they have been passed over’, ‘wronged’ or ‘abandoned’.

Journal of the Unknown Prophet

Wendy has a unique ability to bring a specific message from the Father’s heart. Through her far-reaching ministry the mercy of Jesus flows to all who are ‘suffering depression’, ‘who have been forsaken’ and ‘those on the point of giving up’.

The Journal of the Unknown Prophet beautifully captures the heartfelt cry of Jesus for deeper intimacy with every person on earth. It also opens the reader’s eyes into the angelic realm revealing how much you are loved by God, constantly reminding the reader that they are not forgotten.

If you want to experience more of the abiding presence of Jesus and sense the angels of God that surround you, then read this timeless volume of prophetic insight, filled with so many words of encouragement.

For the unbeliever, Journal of the Unknown Prophet, presents a profound picture of who Jesus really is and how much He cares – how He has always been there for them, and how He wants to enrich their lives. For the believer, it is an extraordinary challenge to walk in the fullness of everything God has in store for his beloved children.

Journal of the Unknown Prophet by Wend Alec

Comprising five separate volumes, based on three specific divine visitations, Wendy Alec’s prophetic writings in the Journal of the Unknown Prophet reveal God’s mercy as well as His judgement, and are both a timely encouragement and clear warning – not only to the Church – but also to the secular community at large. 

“The Unknown Prophet is Jesus Christ,” says Wendy. “He has a cry to the Church and to the world, that is generally unheeded today. Therefore He walks the streets as the Unknown Prophet. This whole book is about Him and given through Him, but for the sake of accountability to the Body of Christ I have included my name as the author.”

Wendy believes that the prophets of today are the friends of God – that the Lord desires fellowship with each and every believer much more than the human mind can imagine. “He created man for fellowship, and the Journal of the Unknown Prophet represents the overflow of precious time spent with Him, sensing His grieving over certain things.”

Throughout the nearly 300 pages of Journal of the Unknown Prophet, Wendy has an astounding sensitivity to pin-point exactly where people are at, revealing God’s divine wisdom to help them overcome their particular situation. “The spirit of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy,”  says, Wendy, quoting Revelation 19:10. “It is His heart-beat, His pulse. He knows and He cares.”

The Journal of the Unknown Prophet

The Journal of the Unknown Prophet is also a book for those in ministry – evangelists, teachers, pastors, prophets and apostles – who need a direct word of encouragement in their particular calling. It is also a prophetic insight into the Church of the Last Age and the mighty outpouring God is going to unleash upon the earth even in the Arab Nations and in China.

Furthermore, The Journal carries a warning of upcoming judgement on ‘those who serve idols’ or ‘mammon’, ‘judgement upon the media’, ‘the politicians’, ‘the world’s trading systems’ and ‘a false secular church’. “Judgement is a scary thing,” says Wendy, “But with it comes such a cry of God’s compassion, that if only people would come back to God, it would be for their good.”

Journal of the Unknown Prophet also contains a vivid revelation of the Father and Wendy’s riveting account of a vision of Heaven.  This is so full of the power, glory and majesty of God that one yearns for more of the Lord’s presence. “Those who have loved to be with me, more than they love to be used by me, it is to these that the Father shall reveal His majesty and His consuming passion…” it concludes.

Finally, The Journal ends off with warnings of ‘Last Day’s assignments against the Elect’ which are important insights every believer should understand in order to ‘survive the onslaught’.  “Now warn My children…” the last paragraph reads… “that many would be saved out of the fowler’s snare – that even those in the deepest mire might cry out to Me and find their way home.”

In addition to the Journal of the Unknown Prophet, Wendy Alec is the author of several prophetic books including Visions From Heaven and the Chronicles of Brothers series.

Journal of the Unknown Prophet is available on Amazon

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